We’re positive that you’re wondering about the numbers we racked up based on the two main things we did plenty of… EATING and DRIVING!

Well, we’ll tell you… BUT FIRST you’ll have to guess. Just post your guesses below, first correct post wins, only one guess per question, one winner per question, “Price is Right” high/low rules apply. Good Luck!

Final Guesses by: MAY 20, 2008.


A. How many miles did we drive all together?

B. How many pounds did WE gain combined?


Pick from these Fabulous Prizes:

  1. Grits, Gravy, Graceland “Food & Lodging Guide” Limited Edition (Printed Book)
  2. Grits, Gravy, Graceland “Neon Signs of the South” (Printed Book)
  3. A Gift Basket of New (some gently used), select Motel Shampoo, Conditioners and Soap Bars!
  4. Autographed, 8×10 Trip Photo of your choice


  1. […] Trivia […]

  2. hi kids
    my guesses are
    you both gained together 13 lbs. of weight
    traveled 3,638 miles total

  3. […] Trivia […]

  4. dennis eating up them bbq sammys…. mmm in total mmm, 9lbs.

    6,200 miles

  5. 17 lbs and 3,414 miles

  6. I’m guessing…

    4,138 Miles

    10 lbs

  7. Nice guesses… should I be flattered? ha! 😉

    Keep them coming… nobody has hit the exact numbers yet.

  8. I believe you drove a total of 5,247 miles and gained a total of 23 lbs.
    Let me know if I win!!
    Love and miss ya’

  9. Your drove 4700 miles at .001% weight gain per mile or 47 pounds which can be lost in 10 with the worlds greatest diet or great sex. You choose.

  10. I quess you had no weight gain, due to all the rancid food in those filthy restaurants and other shit hole places you might have dined at….. As far as miles driven, lets just put it this way. You started your journey with a $40,000.00 car, NOW it is only worth a good chairitable donation. With the miles driven we will bet you need ASS SURGERY.. yes or no?

  11. Okay. Betting is officially CLOSED.

    Thanks to all of you who rang in with guess and even those of you who had smart ass comments. We love you too.

    We Drove 5,201.6 miles
    We Gained 18 lbs combined


    So… the WINNERS ARE:

    Mileage is going to CHAD and KRISTEN

    *Kristen you’re the official winner by Price is Right Rules ’cause you didn’t go over, HOWEVER Chad was so darn close… within 50 miles!! Wow.

    and LBS:
    Mario – great job. Within in one pound!

    Now you get to pick from our glorious prises, and boy are they fabulous. 😉

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