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Day 23 – The Mother Road.

Leaving Eureka Springs AK and heading towards Rt. 66. “The Mother Road” that will guide our way back home. California Here We Come.

We decided to cross over using the Scenic 412 into OK and on to Tulsa, where we were going to pick up Route 66.

On our way we stopped at a yard sale... it was a gem! Although we didn’t buy anything it was an antique-hunters paradise. It looked like a closet clean out from 1950… Such cool stuff!

This is Dennis’ disappointed face; he couldn’t find any Kiss records I guess! ; )

We made it to Rogers, AK and found this super cool little drive in diner, too bad the best thing about our visit was the sign. We had a quick lunch and I had to try the fried pie, which turned out to be a processed “home run” like pie deep fried and still cold inside. Sadly, this place is NOT RECOMMENDED!

I was bummed that we missed a few road-side attractions; First, Dinosaur Land was closed and then we just plum got lost in Tulsa and missed the giant, Blue Whale.

I’ve noticed that we, Americans have a fascination with giant, road-side, sculpture. Pigs, Whales, Dinosaurs, Presidents, Jesus’… whatever, just make it BIG and make it wave! This guy greeted us in Tulsa.

It’s hard to see the scale here but the building near his knees is the front of a large sports Stadium.

On the road again, we found our way out of Tulsa, got a wee bit lost trying to find the West bound Route 66. When we finally got on track, we were not disappointed to find more of the great American Main Streets... the first places we hit on Route 66 were Supulpa, Bristow and Stroud.

We decided to stop at an Historic eatery in Stroud along Rt. 66 called Rock Cafe. What a great place with a perfect American tale. We had sandwiches… I had the fried shrimp Po’boy and Dennis had a BBQ Beef with onion and cheese – on wheat!.

The addition of cheese and chopped onion was a “nice touch” he said.

But the BEST part was the home made Bread Pudding… I’m a sucker for any dessert with booze in it! And how could I resist that face!

After a long journey our bums were hurtin’ so we searched out some classic motels… with cool signs of course!

However we got a tip… the “classics” in this town are, well, quite an experience.

Uhm? So we heeded that advice and checked into the Best Western near by. For a mere ninety bucks we got a clean room with a giant jacuzzi tub. Ahhh.

The evening ended with a BEAUTIFUL sunset over the Oklahoma horizon.

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Day 22 – Jesus Christ…Thats Tall!

Eureka Springs was just too swell to leave so soon, we decided to stay another night so that we could enjoy a full day around town.

Off to our morning breakfast, which is around 11am usually anyway. A little place called Mud Street Underground Cafe. We had eggs and such. They had vegetarian dishes, the first we’ve seen in a while. Dennis found the Garden of Eden as well.

In search of some junk stores, and they have plenty around here, we headed out towards the Spring Street part of town. Most things are still closed but the walk was beautiful. We stopped at one of the many springs that are bubbling out from the side of the Mountain (now man made) and strolled through the relaxing sculpture gardens along the way.

If you’re interested in coming while things are really hopping, the locals say that May is the time. Artists open their homes and there are parties every weekend for the entire month.

As if the surprises were in endless supply… check out what we stumbled upon.

Yup, that’s me the little orange speck in the lower middle area. And above me, you guessed it; JESUS! Actually, it’s the official Jesus of the Ozarks and he stands over 67 feet tall. If ya’ll didn’t know, this is the Bible belt as they call it and the Jesus of the Ozarks sits atop a hill that is full of churches and the apparently very popular “Passion Play”.

To further our sinfully relaxing day, we decided to indulge in some of mans best creations… Ice Cream.

I had the “Woo Pig Chewy” named after the Arkansas Razorback. It was a delicious blend of Brownie chunks and swirls of brownie batter… uhmmm! Dennis had a scoop of some super chocolaty, peanut buttery, something or other.

Mother Nature was calling our name… I could hardly resist the serenity of the local fishing hole, which also had canoe rentals, and plenty of trails through a beautiful forest surrounding the lake.

Actually, I had to drag Dennis, he wanted no part of going out on the water. This type of adventure did not impress him as much as it did me.

We rented a Paddle boat and Dennis got his own life jacket, we paddled out and then let the current take us back into dock. Along the way we visited with some geese and they floated down current with us. If you look closely, you’ll see a real, good ole boy just a sittin’ along side the water.

Our spiritual encounters worked-up a proper appetite so we made our way back into town where we found a Restaurant called “Local Flavor”. We opted to eat out on the porch which overlooked the main street running through the historic town.

Dennis had the Pork Tenderloin and I had the Salmon, both dishes were accompanied by homemade mashed potatoes, asparagus and side salads. Very delicious in a quaint little setting.

We got a tip from a local gal we met here on our first day, she said that a bar named Chelsea’s Corner Cafe had open mic night on Tuesday and all the local talent showed up for the event. It’s a must see, so we headed that way.

On our journey we stopped at another bar called the Wagon Wheel, the oldest bar in all of Arkansas. We had a drink and pinned “our dollar” on the ceiling along side all the other travelers who have come before us.

We arrived at Chelsea’s, the inside wall displayed the now familiar Dr. Bob sign that reads:

Be Nice or Leave

…which we’ve seen hanging in bars and shops all across the south and New Orleans. The patrons and owners here are all about having a good time and partying all night long, and as long as you’re nice, anything goes.

We met Mike, a long-haired, free spirit cross of Chris Farley and Seth Rogen. Boy did he have stories, he kept us in stitches all night long… and when he found out that we were on a road trip around the country, his personal dream, we were instant, fist pounding, best friends. Wish we had a photo of Mike to share… bummer.

The music was good too, a mix of blue grass and rock and roll, one guy was actually playing the Wash Tub! I haven’t seen that since Emmit Otters Jug Band Christmas.

We had a full day and boy did we all pass out by the end of the night. Good night my Kings!

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Day 21 – Eureka!

Our drive from Jonesboro into the Ozarks to our destination of Eureka Springs was, lets just say the most entertaining drive yet. The true hillbillies are alive and well in these mountains, overalls dotted the landscape along with pure white cows, mega junk sales and Dixie flags to match.

Unable to control our curiosity, we stopped at a few rummage sales. Honestly, as hard as we tried, we couldn’t find a darn thing to purchase. However we did see this giant Razorback float (University of AK Mascot) along route 412, it was worth a turnaround for this photo.

We arrived in Eureka springs to find oodles of B&B’s, restaurants, shops, art galleries, caves and natural hot springs. It reminds us of our Day 3 and Day 4, when we came across Bisbee AZ.

The town is full of cool sights that we’ll have to explore in the morning because most things are closed or have began to close for the evening. We walked around some more anyway, finding towering old stair cases that get you up and down the mountain side from winding street to street.

The only place in town we found open besides a few bars was Devito’s, an Italian place. We indulged in some pasta… both of us getting some vegetables, It had been too long!

And if you can believe Dennis skipped the beer and had a vodka and cranberry? The truth is, ever since we’ve crossed into the official deep south (Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas) the beer selection has been primarily Bud, Miller and Corona. Boy does Dennis miss his Hefeweizen!

Up on the hill was Basin Park Hotel where we decided to check in. The room was a suite and because it was Monday night she gave it to us for eighty five bucks. Even though the signs said it was haunted… it had a jacuzzi, so we took it!

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Day 20 – From Wet to Dry…

Our last day in Memphis was cut short because of heavy rain however we didn’t miss what was to be the BEST breakfast yet. Peanut Butter and Banana Pancakes… Elvis Style!

See that bowl in the middle, that’s not gumbo I assure you. It’s the chunky PB syrup! YUMMM

After our KING SIZED meal we headed for the Rock n’ Soul Museum. It is a quick video and audio tour of the roots of Memphis’ roll in the birth of Rock and Roll and Soul Music. From the humble hymns of the cotton fields to Stax and Sun Records. It was fascinating to see and hear the legends as they were developing their sound… together! Al Green, Isaak Hayes, Carl Perkins, BB King, Elvis and many more. We couldn’t take any photos so you’ll have to visit it for yourselves. It was well worth it!!

Then as we were leaving the rain really started coming down so we decided to skip the other activities we had planned for the afternoon and just head for Arkansas.

Our first stop was Jonesboro AK, the birthplace of my Father (among others on the Jackson side of things). It’s a pretty sleepy town, not to mention we arrived on Sunday afternoon. We also realized it’s a DRY town. I don’t mean that the rain stopped… although it had by now. What I mean is that there is no intoxicating beverages sold here.

“The only thing people do in Jonesboro is GET BORN!” My Great Aunt May

About this time (around 5pm) we were getting hungry again so we headed downtown for Dinner.

The only place open was a sports bar? We went in and found out that we had to become Members to enter. By paying five bucks we were official member of the “private” club! Oh my, look at us now!

Actually, in a dry county such as this, if you want to drink you have to be a part of a club. As official members we each drank one beer which only cost a buck fifty. Still, as an official member I was let down that I didn’t get a card or even learn a secret hand shake. Bummer!

We retired early at a cute little B&B called West Washington Guest House. The morning will come quickly and we’re off to Eureka Springs through the Northwest Mountains of the Ozarks.

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Day – 19 Grits, Gravy, Graceland. Indeed!

Takin’ Care of Business… all in one day. We started our day with Grits, filled our day with Graceland and rounded it out with a bit of Gravy!

Breakfast was at the Blue Plate Cafe on Poplar Street. I had eggs and grits with a side of Peach Cobbler and Dennis got their famous “thin” waffle.

Then off to Graceland we went…

After traveling from California, through the Southwest and into the Deep South it’s easy to see the influence that the region had on Elvis, as well as his effect on the region (and beyond of course). The two go hand in hand, a true reflection of American Folk History.

We’ve walked through handfuls of mansions from Coast to Coast, all decorated with European antiques, European wall papers, imported rugs, European art, right down to the European influenced landscapes. Only one place, the Madonna Inn in California with it’s jungle rooms, start to shows some American influence by way of the shag carpet and 1960’s clad decor. But this still pales in compairson to Elvis’ home.

Graceland is the only one of it’s kind I’ve seen. Bright Yellow vinyl, Green Shag Carpet, Mirrored Ceilings and halls, monkey statues, indoor waterfalls, gold plated sinks, faux fir- everything, wall to wall blue velvet, mechanical toys galore… The pinnacles of 1960’s, over-abundance and true all-American influence.

A time capsule of his life and 20th Century, American Pop culture, forever frozen in time. The most glorious state of pure kitsch. I now completely understand the velvet Elvis!

As you walk through the park and lands of Graceland, Elvis tunes are piped over the air-waves and fans are busily scarfing up souvenirs and photo ops. Dennis and I found a few ourselves.

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the reason Graceland was really on the list. Besides being a piece of American history, Elvis has been like the uncle I never knew growing up. My mother (Grits, Gravy and Graceland’s biggest fan as well.) is a long time Elvis fan, collector and admirer. Her admiration is only second to her two kids she says (thanks mom!).

Her personal slogan is “Elvis Lives” and I believe it, after today!

This stop to the stupendous Graceland, America’s most wonderfully, tacky, castle of the King of Rock & Roll is dedicated to my Mother.

What a day so far, but man are we hungry… they weren’t even offering Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches there? So we headed for A & R BBQ just down the road, on Elvis Presley Blvd, where we ate the BEST BBQ Sandwiches yet on the trip. Oh yeah, in true Memphis style, they had ‘slaw inside.

After A& R, we decided we needed a Piece of Pie… so we visited the recommended Cupboard Restaurant’s on Union Street. I had the Lemon Ice Box Pie and Dennis had French Silk. Scrumptious, with loads of cream on top and centers that melt in your mouth.

Elvis has left the building… tomorrow we’re going to check out some of the other great historical aspects of Memphis – yes, there’s more than Graceland here!

Thank you, Thank you very much!

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Day 18 – Living-Dead; Elvis, God and Zombies

Vicksburg was even more quiet in the morning than the evening before. We found a quick bite and checked out a local gallery called The Attic before we slid back onto the River Road, headed north for Memphis.

Just before leaving the town limit of Vicksburg there is a place called “Margaret’s Grocery. A piece of living folk art and shrine to God that was built and currently maintained by a 93 year old reverend and his wife. As we pulled up to the pink, red and yellow painted, cinder block structure, we couldn’t help noticing the biblical proportion of hand-painted signs and newspaper articles that decorated the outside. The signs read: GO TO CHURCH and READ THE BIBLE among other suggestions. There were two very old people sitting on the porch, so Dennis politely asked if it “was okay to take a photo?”. They said sure and added that usually people leave a donation for the lighting bill – the cost of god-light is great!

Of course! So Dennis gave them a few bucks and they invited him into the house.

After that, the rest of the drive seemed to be pretty uneventful and route 61 between Vicksburg and Memphis was a bit longer as well. We did however see the high waters of the Mississippi that were reaching tree tops and the tops of street signs. Other frequent sightings were great open plains of farm land, tractors driving along side of us and a massive amount of road kill.

We finally arrived in Memphis! After getting checked in to our hotel we poked around the city to get our bearings, and of course hoping for an Elvis sighting. Beale Street is pack with glorious, neon signs. This was my favorite.

Oh my, could we be in luck? Down towards the end of Beale Street we could see the Living Dead walking about the street… surely a prime location for an Elvis sighting! Right?

We followed the zombies down main street and into the South main district which turned out to be the arts district. The locals there were having several wine and cheese-style, open houses throughout the galleries. This scene mixed with the roaming zombie parade along side bands playing on the sidewalks made for a very lively evening. We joined them, drinks in hand, parading down Main street along rotting, walking, corpses and fake-blood, drenched dogs. Still, if you can believe it, no Elvis in sight.

During all the action we did find time to have dinner… of course! We went to the famous, local rib place called “The Rendezvous“. The chef here is famous not because of his BBQ but rather his anti-BBQ, I guess you could say. He uses a rub instead.They call it dry BBQ.

Their slogan:

“Not since Adam has a rib been this famous!”

Needless to say it was yummy, juicy and spicy (but not the yummiest we’ve had). I had the chicken (done the same way) and Dennis sampled the Pork Ribs. Dennis gave me one of his ribs… ahh!

God, Elvis and Zombies all in one day – wow! Graceland here we come!

One last Beignet and Cafe Au Lait before leaving New Orleans for Mississippi. We savored our last taste of N.O. at the big cafe situated right by Jackson Square, in the heart of the French Quarter called Cafe du Monde.

Statue of Andrew Jackson graces the center of the square.

If you read the history books they’ll tell you that New Orleans was founded in 1718 by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville and that it was named for Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, who was Regent of France at the time. HOWEVER, the lesser told story is of the Portuguese explorer who actually stumbled into this area years before. Unfortunately, the explore was too intoxicated to know where he had landed, thus never having claimed the rights to the city. Years later Moyne de Bienville passed a law in his honor. The new law granted permission to all citizens, regardless of color, be allowed to be consume alcohol freely upon the streets of New Orleans. And so it was.

I was lucky to find this stature of the mysterious, drunkin’ explorer titled “Capt’n Snagbird”.

…we set out up the Muddy Mississippi, River Road through the Plantation-rich areas. Along the way we got to see river houses and people fishing along the banks.

It was a very nice drive through historic areas such as St. Francisville where we stopped for lunch at the Magnolia Cafe. We couldn’t resist the Memphis BBQ sandwiches topped with slaw, that they had on special.

After lunch we visited the Rosedown Plantation. Built by cotton planter Daniel Turnbull and his wife, Martha Barrow Turnbull, in West Feliciana parish, Louisiana, near St. Francisville

Mississippi was just a short distance from here, we passed into the state to find streets even more heavily lined with Spanish moss dripping trees and hand made signs declaring “Mud Bugs” on about every corner.

Vicksburg was on the map about halfway to Memphis so we decided to roll into town and just find any ol’ place to lay our heads. Well, we were in for a surprise. This little town is full of excitement. It has lists of historical sights and museums, it sets right on the muddy Mississippi river, the citizens have put tremendous effort into attracting tourism with Riverboats converted to Casinos (it’s legal to gamble here), parks, pretty streetlights and even their levee wall is painted by local artists depicting Vicksburg’s history.

We drove right through main street and discovered a place called The Ware House Hotel. We stopped and inquired. It looked to rich for our taste but the location was great. It was 129.00 for a standard per night, so we said okay. Then after chatting with the owner it turns out that he is from San Diego (you can see the influence in the design here) and so he bumped us up to a suite room. Uhm, yes it’s actually a loft style condo with all the amenities, even a view of the river!

After a few drinks at the hotel bar we became friends with the bartender Laytoya and soon decided we’d start the new Jackson Three. Janet (me), Laytoya and Michael (played by Dennis of course)…she was really a hoot. She and Dennis decided to have a “worm” contest that never did pan out. Oh well, she did recommend a restaurant to us called “Rusty’s” though, that did pan out!

We walked down the main street, which was lined with some very new looking shops and some completely empty, old, buildings as well. The town was quiet and seemed on the surface, almost vacant at about five in the afternoon.

As though we were the only people in town, we frolicked about the streets and discovered a playground near the water.

We got to Rusty’s and as soon as we opened the door… we figured out where all the towns people were. They were at Rusty’s… no doubt.

Dennis had Filet Mignon with a baked sweet potato and I had the Red Fish with Crawfish sauce and cheese grits. For dessert we couldn’t resist the Mississippi Mud Pie!

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Day 16 – Local Flavor, on the Side!

In the car and past Canal street we go… dup dee doo dee doo

As soon as you cross Canal street into the American Quarter or CBD, the architecture immediately changes. From whimsical, bohemian, two story buildings, embellished with elaborate trims, to hard-lined, sky scraping, monuments to capitalism. It’s like night and day crossing over Canal or Neutral Ground as the locals have know it for decades.

Further down we found Magazine Street where they boast six stupendous miles of shopping and chic cafes. Our first stop was for a light bite which turned into lunch at Juanita’s Cafe. Dennis got a BBQ sandwich that he claims was particularly good and the bonus; the BBQ sauce came on the side- for his dipping pleasure. I got nachos that came with cute little animal crackers on top. Yeah, weird?

We explored the Garden District from St. Charles, which is a beautiful tree lined street to 6th street and the Audubon Park.

A trip to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art was a must and worth the gander for it’s tribute to local, folk artists. Next door was the Confederate Museum but unfortunately it was closed for renovations. Actually this area around Lee Circle is chock full of Art Museums to explore.

By now it’s getting hot, actually it’s the first time we’ve felt real humidity yet. This event called for Ice Cream. We found the Creole Creamery and man was it the ticket! Dennis stuffed his face with a scoop of Praline and I fell in love with the local flavor Chicory Chocolate.

We also hit one of the Lafayette Cemeteries.

Later in the evening we when to the famous “Praline Connection” restaurant for dinner. Being the last night in N.O. we had to keep it traditional. I got the Jambalaya with Greens and Dennis got Stuffed Bell Peppers with SHRIMP! Wow… I was impressed. Looks like N.O. has wooed him just a bit after all!

Oh and by the way, he tried my Alligator the other day too.

To end the meal we had to have the traditional Bread Pudding… don’t worry we split it!

And what better way to end the day, as we have all week with a stroll through the streets of the Big Easy.

Crawfish, Crayfish, Crawdads, Mud bugs… whatever the salutation this was the one local flavor we skipped. Call us wimps if you must. Our excuse, they still have eyes!

Headed towards Memphis tomorrow with a stop some where along the way… Elvis, here we come!

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Day 15 – Trapped on Canal Street

We’re getting the hang of this place alright… we’re waking up later and later each day. Almost entirely skipping the breakfast hour by the time we get out and about. It’s nice to relax and it’s also comforting to know that the evenings here are packed with music and food into the wee hours. Not so bad!

First thing, we hopped on the Street Car to Canal Street. The wooden seats and old doors are really worth the ride itself, not to mention that it got us about eights or so blocks to the edge of the CBD without walking. However when we arrived with the expectation to transfer to the St. Charles Street Car which heads through the CBD to the Garden District / Uptown… we were interrupted and yet again didn’t make it West of Canal Street…

Yup, Mr. Bush was right on Bourbon Street. Actually you couldn’t see him but the police had blocked off the street and there were oodles people trying to get a peek at his massive entourage. We joined them because we thought it would make a hilarious photo… Bush actually on Bourbon street… where we looked for him yesterday! This thrilled us.

So we waited and when he and his gang finally emerged from the Restaurant, situated right in the heart of Bourbon street. The funnest part is that while we were waiting for Mr. Bush to finish his lunch, the NOPD officers were burning time in the Hustler store. When he finally drove by, this is all we got…

After that we hit Bourbon Street for lunch opting to eat some New Orleans Po’ Boy Sandwiches. I ordered the Alligator with Crawfish Sauce and Dennis got the Beef with gravy. Our review on this place is that the meat had lots of gristle and fat… the flavors were good but the quality wasn’t up to par. Oh well.

More walking led us to the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, a historic and supposedly “haunted” cemetery. We arrived late to find that it just closed. So we headed back to the Toulouse Street wharf to watch the Steamboats and relax.

We decided to spend our evening close to the hotel in Faubourg Marigny on Frenchmen street. There’s plenty to do within a few blocks so our first stop was “Check Point Charlie’s. Suds and Duds “.

A small aspect of traveling for more than a week or two is that you will have to do laundry at some point. We got lucky this time and found Suds and Duds across the street from our hotel. Great concept… do your Laundry and have a few beers to boot.

After a few drinks and folds we ventured up to “Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro” where we scarfed up some towering burgers, a bottle of wine and sounds of a local Jazz band.

The brass and percussion melody’s waled from the open doors out onto the sidewalk. We strolled slowly enjoying it before returning to our hotel. Ahh, tomorrow we promise to hit some landmarks… we’ve agreed on a “driving” day so we can get PAST Canal street this time… and into the other districts of the city.

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Day 14 – Love, Love, Love…

Oh yes, we’re in New Orleans for four days… we’re pretty stoked. Although I must say our first full day we unintentionally surrounded ourselves with the comforts of home. Lunch consisted of Mexican food, I bought a toy made in Oaxaca, Mexico and we ended the day by going to see the San Diego based Bushwalla at the HOB, whom I’ve seen more than I’ve seen Prince.

We had to laugh at ourselves for bringing a bit of our life in San Diego here, but don’t fret… I redeemed myself by having a bowl of Gumbo and we also indulged in some lovely Beignets. Furthermore, we have a few more days to really get the hang of this Crawfish eatin’, Jazz piping town – gladly!

Breakfast consisted of coffee, Beignet and New Orleans style praise.

It’s still quiet here being Monday and all, so we just strolled up and down the Quarter, Bourbon Street and the French Market.

While in the market we met a woman selling wooden toys made in Oaxaca, Mexico. We talked about eating crickets in comparison to eating crawfish and traveling around the west. Ultimately we bought a “Boogie Man” carving that I fell in LOVE with.

Then, as if the day couldn’t get anymore exciting, someone said that the Commander and Chief was going to be in town and that he might be in Jackson Square? We hung around a bit for a sighting… but we had no luck. So, we expanded our search to some places we thought he might just love:

After our fruitless search we ended up at a Cuban Mexican Café near Canal Street. We had beer and sangria than ordered our lunch of Fajitas. I had the vegetarian, which was made with fried Yuca root and Maduros (fried plantains), while Dennis ordered the Pork. The Yuca tasted like a fried sorta-sweet potato and the Maduros was surprisingly good in as a taco!

We got as far as Canal Street, which divides the “Free-Spirited” French Quarter with the CBD (Central Business District) or the American Quarter. Canal street is the widest street in America and spans over 171 feet across. We decided we would take on that “side” tomorrow.

Several blocks back to our hotel we rested up for our evening with Bushwalla!

We stopped for a drink and a quick bite. I got a bowl Gumbo and a crusty French baguette. I liked the flavor but the consistency was unexpected. It was sorta like a thickened broth or the texture of egg flower soup, I think? Anyhow… this was my redemption.

Off to the concert… upon arriving at the HOB there was Bushwalla standing out on the street. I wish now I would have said hi or got my picture with him. The show as awesome, he’s a mix master of tricks, free-style and funk-folkish flavor and Love. I can’t say enough except that if you can, go see him for yourself. I bought a t-shirt!

Meandering home, we got hungry and stopped for some Panini sandwiches. Ah, what a lovely night.

In the last 14 days, I’ve really enjoyed recounting the little moments and taking the time to reflect on what otherwise might be forgotten… like what we ate or funny things that were said. But today I was reminded that whether on vacation or not, each day should be held so valuable as these.
A dear friend of mine lost her father today and I wanted to send my love and compassion to her and her family.

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