Posted by: JJ | May 12, 2008

Final Stop: San Diego, an easy place to call home…

Our thirty one day road trip around the Southwest and the Central South of the U.S. was full of great food, spectacular people and of course plenty of unbeatable sights and experiences. Still, we’re glad to be home.

Family, friends, our own bed of course, the undeniably, fresh, fantastic, California food all make it even easier to call this our home.

We returned on Thursday night and decided to spend the weekend doing, seeing and eating the things we enjoy the most… between loads of laundry and long naps of course. Here is a brief and probably incomplete list of some of the things we love the most about San Diego.

Some good San Diego Food:

Gettin’ around and enjoying San Diego:

  • Walking around downtown, East Village, or uptown
  • Checking out Art in North Park or the 2400 Bld in Little Italy
  • Sleeping/relaxing in Balboa Park
  • Riding the trolley around town
  • Meeting up for drinks/food with friends/family. Anytime, anywhere.
  • … the ocean the desert, the weather too.

Don’t forget to GUESS OUR WEIGHT GAIN and MILEAGE for the trip… there are great prizes in store, fo’ sho! 😉



  1. Welcome Home!!!

    Wow – 31 days off work… must be nice!!!

    Thank you for the postcard!!!

    Glad you had a safe trip – time to go guess your mileage!

  2. Well, it was unpaid… and technically we were out of work… jobless… ahhhh!

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