Posted by: JJ | May 9, 2008

Day 31 – California, here we come…

After a meal fit for a King…

We headed west towards California, our first stop… Needles?

Dennis and I wondered about all the tourists that come out to California via automobile and see this first, it must be a total shock when you’re expecting Malibu-like images, girls in bikinis and palm trees on the beach.

This whole trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Wagon Wheel Inn where Pee Wee got to know Simone in the tongue of the Dinosaur. Although we couldn’t go up inside and watch the sun come up, word has it that the Tongue Seats will be re-opened Memorial Day weekend!

These guys were the biggest Dinosaurs and road side spectacle yet… roughly equal size to the Jesus of the Ozarks! Watch out Jesus… hey is that Dennis down there?

We also stopped to visit Rhonda, Alex, Toni and Brian in Murrieta… one of the best parts of coming home are our Friends and Family!

Upon arriving home we had to hit some late night, San Diego, dining at the Crest Cafe in Hillcrest. We were welcomed by the friendly staff and wonderful, California, food

I had a Turkey and Brie sandwich with a huge salad, Dennis got the veggie sandwich with fruit salad. I think these two plates have more fruit and veggies on them than we’ve seen this whole trip! Boy, were we ready for this!

The drive into California via the Rt 95, Rt 62, the I-10, the 215, the I-15, the 163 and ultimately to Interstate 5 landed us right at home. Where we checked into our room for the night… ahh, this is sure to be the best bed yet!


First, we’re going to do a final post on San Diego, which will include all the things we’re excited to come home to.

Second, we have some funny, trip, TRIVIA for you with fabulous prizes.

Third, is the “Round-Up” if you will, a series of top three lists of things like BBQ, Deserts, Stays, as well as some Sh*t Happens lists too.

(Note: you’ll be able to find the links to “Trivia” and “Round-Up” at the top, next to the “Map” and “Why the South” page tabs.)



  1. hi kids
    well i don’t know about sound.!
    did you say hi to pee wee for me? i love him 2nd to ELVIS.
    im happy denny got his banana’s and fat donuts with elvis. so go to be in california
    xoxoxo mom

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