Posted by: JJ | May 8, 2008

Day 30 – Where one road ends, a new adventure begins.

It was hard to leave Flagstaff knowing that what lies ahead is a whole lot of desert, endless highways and ultimately the end of our journey. Also, at this point we had no idea that it would be a last decent meal for the day!

The road dropping us out of the mountains was beautifully lined with trees and a big baby blue sky, filled with fluffy, white clouds. It was like Mother Goose land… we even found a funny little petting zoo.

This deer wouldn’t leave Dennis alone, I think she thought Dennis was her Mommy. She following him around and wouldn’t stop gnawing on his shirt and shoelaces. It was love at first sight I guess!

The petting zoo was full of fun animals like South American cows, Llamas, Donkeys, Bison and Monkeys!

As we left, we walked through the gift shop which was full of animal-lover plastic statuettes, wooden knick-knacks… AND ELK JERKY? What kind of petting zoo sells jerky from its pets?

As I was standing puzzled and slightly appalled… Dennis was BUYING a bag!

Williams was our next stop and we were looking forward to the Red Garter “Bed and Bakery” so we could sample some Arizona pie. When we arrived this brothel turned bakery was closed, I guess the girls only work evenings?

Okay, so in the old west, what type of trouble lands ya in the slammer? Dennis took a guess…

Women, Bull sh*t… and fightin’… oh yeah!

After breaking Dennis out of jail, we couldn’t get out of Williams fast enough… down the road to another cowboy town filled with dressed-up cowboys, fake facades, and wild west mannequins. Not to mention that this next spot has it’s own wild donkeys… oh boy could the day get any better than this?

The road to Oatman was a winding, narrow ,slow road, but pretty…or as Dennis says…”pretty sketchy”!

The real reason for our stop in Oatman, AZ was that it lies centrally between Kingman and Needles and had the only Hotel for miles.

Our dusty chariot brought us right into town. Which was a two block, pot-holed filled road, lined with trinket shops and the fresh sent of donkey poop… Ahhh, how beautiful. Right. Actually, it may have been, if the Hotel was a Hotel and not a “Hotel Museum.”

Oookeee dookee…. what now?

Where one road ends, a new adventure begins.

Foot loose and fancy free, we jumped off of the Mother Road and on to some other road, leading somewhere… west? By night fall we reached a beaming rainbow of neon light on a river somewhere in the desert… a little place called Laughlin, NV.

What the hell, we’re here and the neon is so inviting… Elvis couldn’t agree more.

We put it all on “30”… ’cause it’s day 30 of course!



  1. Watch out for them black river bugs..yeck. Watch those penny slots too, they’ll suck ya dry! We had a fun run at Edgewater playing “Let em ride” and ended up playing the same 100 bucks we plunked down for four hours. Member those days?? hee hee! love, T-bag and Jen

  2. kids
    what a long wild ride for you both. lots of ghosts and goodies along the way. oatman is a cute little spot for a shoot out. so glad your back in civilization. welcome to california. xoxoxox mom

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