Posted by: JJ | May 7, 2008

Day 29 – Thai’ed up in Flagstaff

Like two little Indians we hopped lickety-split back on the trail… leaving Holbrook, AZ and our trusty Tepee behind.

I do admit it was hard to leave all the cement dinosaurs in our tracks, but I’m hopeful for more sightings along the way…

Well, I was in luck… just ahead I saw the sign; “Here it is.” The famous, since 1949, Jackrabbit Trading Post. Like many others before us, we stopped for the photo op and fell into the clever trap of spending money!

We headed toward Williams, stopping along the way at the Homolovi Indian Pueblo ruins. As we walked across the grounds, what felt like broken shells and sandstone beneath our feet were actually pottery chards. Although this would be a great place to explore, we could see a storm in the distance and decided to get

Next stop, lunch! Now where the heck are we?

As we drove into the mountains towards Flagstaff Arizona, (don’t forget Winona). We realized that yet again, we stumbled upon another gem! Flagstaff is a lively, little, snow capped town!

We drove up and down the bustling, old railroad town streets filled with bikers and college students alike. The streets; lined with cafes, humble galleries and bohemian boutiques where we affixed ourselves at burritoria called “The Black Bean”.

Dennis got the Chicken Parmesan Burrito and I awarded myself with a Thai Tofu Peanut Wrap. Again, I know, Thai isn’t on the ticket for this trip, but the temptation is too great to pass up.

The rain was still coming down and we had yet to post our previous’ days blog (our tepee didn’t have wifi!) so we found a wifi cafe that had wonderful yellow-lemon cake in the window. We’re in!

The news on the TV warned of the evening storm, this along with the charm of the city beckoned our stay here for the night. We found the closest Hotel and checked in. The Weatherford Hotel, built in the 1880’s, central to town, above a bar named Charley’s and just perfect for our traveling souls.

We walked and shopped around the town, meeting all sorts of nice people and enjoying the rainy, cool weather.

The last place we stopped, two girls were eager to chat about traveling and all the great towns around Arizona (Jerome, AZ is a must see apparently) and beyond. Additionally, they recommended a great restaurant… I love recommendations! But the best part… it was a Thai place called Pato Thai.

Dennis always starts his Thai experience off with a Thai Coffee… this one was super tall… and delicious too!

Dennis was being adventuresome and ordered the Pad See Ew, my personal favorite. I got the Massaman (red curry and peanut sauce) over rice. We BOTH agree this rates on the TOP of our list for trip meals. That is of course if you count Thai among the “All American Food” category?

Happily, we got Thai’ed up in Flagstaff, AZ for the night.

Before heading to bed, Charley’s, the bar below our humble abode was belting out some local flavor in the way of an open mic night. We enjoyed the acoustic sounds of northern Arizona before finally hitting the sack!


  1. hi kids
    what no wi fi in te pe!! have to send smoke signals
    ha .can’t have it all.
    why are there so many big dinosouurs on 66?
    must be the accient explorers, back in the 60’s , dug them up and left them. ha
    ps denny , stop wrinkling your forehead and popping out your eyes so much, they might stay that way.

  2. Will the balloons fit on your Dad’s food stand?

    Loved the bathroom especially the tub.

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