Posted by: JJ | May 5, 2008

Day 27 – Nuclear Noodles

We cut our stay in Santa Fe short, leaving after one night instead of two. I took this photo as we left to share with you a bit what it looked like. Dennis and I both agreed that if we were in charge of Santa Fe that we would paint those adobes some different colors!

Albuquerque was only an hour away so we headed there to check out the sights. Right as we entered the city we knew we were going to like this place much better. We hit Central Ave which was filled with pubs, neon signs and cafes.

Just past downtown is Old Town, an area similar to San Diego’s Old Town, however it seemed a bit bigger to me. We ate lunch at the Church Street Cafe (oldest building in Albuquerque, late 1700’s). After eating lots of chips and salsa, we decided to share a plate, one vegetarian and one pork tamale with red AND green chili sauce, “Christmas Style”.

Old town is filled with Art, sculpture and museums…

We strolled around a bit then entered the Atomic Museum. We were fortunate enough to get a quick tour from one of the nuclear engineers of the The Manhattan Project, that was a treat for sure! We’re now dangerously educated on how a Nuclear Power Plant works.

We looked at bombs like the Fat Man and even some “Broken Arrows”; code name for nuclear missiles that were accidentally dropped.

The museum also had a nice display of WWII propaganda posters with tactic explanations that are chilling to read about… I wonder if these tactics are in use today? Uhm?

While I was busy contemplating conspiracy theories, Dennis was having a conversation with Albert… another old timer willing to share some Nuclear info with us.

Needless to say we got our share of Radium for the day.

Later, we headed downtown to check out the happenings. Little did we know we were in for a car show. Sunday nights here on Central Ave all the car clubs cruise up and down the boulevard. We saw all sorts of classic cars, lowriders and motorcycles… It went something like this:

We bounced into The Noodle Bar for dinner… a totally different direction than our Grits, Gravy and Graceland roster thus far, yet one of my favorite types of food… Thai!

I had Pad See Ew with tofu and veggies and Dennis had the Chicken Chow Mein. YUMMY…

Later in the night…

As I slept, Dennis was busy watching the goings-on outside…

“At 2:00 am I heard a police siren and then a long skid and a crash sound…so of course I jumped out of bed, threw my clothes on, and went outside to see what had happened. Looks like there was a police pursuit and the cop lost control and hit a tree. He was alright, probably a bit embarrassed as he was on the radio for backup. Aint’ nothing like some middle of the night excitement!”

– Dennis


  1. hi jj and denny
    the food is lookin much better now as you get closer to home. ha
    your dad and i were in the back of that van 40 years ago. hahahahah
    xoxoxo mom

  2. Oh my Mother! You were getting HIGH with Cheech and Chong? Ha ha… ­čÖé You crack me up!

    Yeah, the food is changing… back to what we’re used to at least. The BBQ was fun for sure though!

    Stay tuned for Tofu!! ; )

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