Posted by: JJ | May 2, 2008

Day 24 – Redneck Capitol of the World!

Now, about ten years ago Rhonda and I drove through Oklahoma and vowed at that time NEVER TO RETURN! It’s this dreadful stretch of highway that seems to never end, so Dennis and I thought it would be a wee-bit more interesting to take Route 66… this IS Route 66.

Route 66 is a decommissioned highway that has been REMOVED from maps, you must follow your gut in most cases and just throw caution to the wind. That’s the fun part, however sometimes the road is just downright not there at all. The picturesque “Mother Road” that is so vividly portrayed in the photographs of the 1950’s and 1960’s are sadly withered away.

Highway 40 runs along the 66 through most of OK, so about all you’ll find are Rt. 66 souvenir shops and occasional gas stations, wall marts (in the bigger cities), and if you’re lucky, a few re-opened “classic” Route 66 places. One such place called Johnnie’s Grill that has been in El Reno, Oklahoma since 1943. We stopped for lunch.

In Oklahoma the local foods consist of Coney’s (hot dogs with chili), Fried-Onion Hamburgers and Frito Pies.

Dennis got the Fried-Onion Burger and (JACK, CLOSE YOUR EYES) I got the Frito Pie. I had NO IDEA what a Frito Pie was but anything with the Pie in the name… I had to try.

WOAH! Was I surprised and a bit scared too. but for the record, I ate it.

Then we washed our tasty “OK” bites down with the only drink man enough to do it; Kickapoo Joy Juice… (Mom, doesn’t Grandma Drink this stuff?)

While reveling over the hundreds of different Soda Pop lables at Pop’s Gas Station and Soda mart we stumbled across a map of Route 66, and we bought it. In this little treasure we read about a place called “Sandhills Curiosity Shop” in the Red Neck Capitol of the World, Erick, OK.

The map said something about a jumbled collection of Route 66 memorabilia and a couple of folks that called themselves “Mediocre Music Makers”. This sounded interesting so I called…

When we arrived we had no idea what we were in for... an overall-clad, Annabelle greeted us at the door and offered us a “Drink on the House”… we could choose from Soda, Beer, Lemonade… or Jack Daniels!

Before we had a handle on our drinks… the screen door flies open and in comes a wild-eyed, redneck in overalls, no shirt and an out-of-control beard that parted as he swiftly moved in on Dennis with a wrestling-style welcome of a hug. As if we were long lost “kissing” cousins, Harley grabbed me and sat me on his lap!

Click here for some video.

We hooted and hollered with Harley & Annabelle over a few shots of Jack as they gave us our own personal redneck concert!

Needless to say… Harley and Annabelle are the REASON TO VISIT OKLAHOMA.

We had to say good bye for now but our new found friends in OK are plenty reason to return again and again. For those of you who won’t be heading to OK anytime soon, just google “Harley and Annabelle”…

Finally, we checked into our motel just over the border in Shamrock, TX.

We did Laundry… and ate Fried Chicken. Yee Haw!

PS. Mom, Dad… we’re moving to OK and becoming Rednecks!



  1. jaaay jaaaay. and dennny
    say hi ta yur cuz fur meee and watch out fur them there armidillows.
    ya’ll better git along now here.
    bless yur little pee pickin hearts.

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  3. Whhooeee ma! I knew yud’ understand.

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  5. I had a great burger at Johnnie’s Grill!

    ….and nice looking blog 😛

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