Posted by: JJ | April 30, 2008

Day 22 – Jesus Christ…Thats Tall!

Eureka Springs was just too swell to leave so soon, we decided to stay another night so that we could enjoy a full day around town.

Off to our morning breakfast, which is around 11am usually anyway. A little place called Mud Street Underground Cafe. We had eggs and such. They had vegetarian dishes, the first we’ve seen in a while. Dennis found the Garden of Eden as well.

In search of some junk stores, and they have plenty around here, we headed out towards the Spring Street part of town. Most things are still closed but the walk was beautiful. We stopped at one of the many springs that are bubbling out from the side of the Mountain (now man made) and strolled through the relaxing sculpture gardens along the way.

If you’re interested in coming while things are really hopping, the locals say that May is the time. Artists open their homes and there are parties every weekend for the entire month.

As if the surprises were in endless supply… check out what we stumbled upon.

Yup, that’s me the little orange speck in the lower middle area. And above me, you guessed it; JESUS! Actually, it’s the official Jesus of the Ozarks and he stands over 67 feet tall. If ya’ll didn’t know, this is the Bible belt as they call it and the Jesus of the Ozarks sits atop a hill that is full of churches and the apparently very popular “Passion Play”.

To further our sinfully relaxing day, we decided to indulge in some of mans best creations… Ice Cream.

I had the “Woo Pig Chewy” named after the Arkansas Razorback. It was a delicious blend of Brownie chunks and swirls of brownie batter… uhmmm! Dennis had a scoop of some super chocolaty, peanut buttery, something or other.

Mother Nature was calling our name… I could hardly resist the serenity of the local fishing hole, which also had canoe rentals, and plenty of trails through a beautiful forest surrounding the lake.

Actually, I had to drag Dennis, he wanted no part of going out on the water. This type of adventure did not impress him as much as it did me.

We rented a Paddle boat and Dennis got his own life jacket, we paddled out and then let the current take us back into dock. Along the way we visited with some geese and they floated down current with us. If you look closely, you’ll see a real, good ole boy just a sittin’ along side the water.

Our spiritual encounters worked-up a proper appetite so we made our way back into town where we found a Restaurant called “Local Flavor”. We opted to eat out on the porch which overlooked the main street running through the historic town.

Dennis had the Pork Tenderloin and I had the Salmon, both dishes were accompanied by homemade mashed potatoes, asparagus and side salads. Very delicious in a quaint little setting.

We got a tip from a local gal we met here on our first day, she said that a bar named Chelsea’s Corner Cafe had open mic night on Tuesday and all the local talent showed up for the event. It’s a must see, so we headed that way.

On our journey we stopped at another bar called the Wagon Wheel, the oldest bar in all of Arkansas. We had a drink and pinned “our dollar” on the ceiling along side all the other travelers who have come before us.

We arrived at Chelsea’s, the inside wall displayed the now familiar Dr. Bob sign that reads:

Be Nice or Leave

…which we’ve seen hanging in bars and shops all across the south and New Orleans. The patrons and owners here are all about having a good time and partying all night long, and as long as you’re nice, anything goes.

We met Mike, a long-haired, free spirit cross of Chris Farley and Seth Rogen. Boy did he have stories, he kept us in stitches all night long… and when he found out that we were on a road trip around the country, his personal dream, we were instant, fist pounding, best friends. Wish we had a photo of Mike to share… bummer.

The music was good too, a mix of blue grass and rock and roll, one guy was actually playing the Wash Tub! I haven’t seen that since Emmit Otters Jug Band Christmas.

We had a full day and boy did we all pass out by the end of the night. Good night my Kings!


  1. kids
    all kings are laid to rest now. good nite snagbird.

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