Posted by: JJ | April 29, 2008

Day 21 – Eureka!

Our drive from Jonesboro into the Ozarks to our destination of Eureka Springs was, lets just say the most entertaining drive yet. The true hillbillies are alive and well in these mountains, overalls dotted the landscape along with pure white cows, mega junk sales and Dixie flags to match.

Unable to control our curiosity, we stopped at a few rummage sales. Honestly, as hard as we tried, we couldn’t find a darn thing to purchase. However we did see this giant Razorback float (University of AK Mascot) along route 412, it was worth a turnaround for this photo.

We arrived in Eureka springs to find oodles of B&B’s, restaurants, shops, art galleries, caves and natural hot springs. It reminds us of our Day 3 and Day 4, when we came across Bisbee AZ.

The town is full of cool sights that we’ll have to explore in the morning because most things are closed or have began to close for the evening. We walked around some more anyway, finding towering old stair cases that get you up and down the mountain side from winding street to street.

The only place in town we found open besides a few bars was Devito’s, an Italian place. We indulged in some pasta… both of us getting some vegetables, It had been too long!

And if you can believe Dennis skipped the beer and had a vodka and cranberry? The truth is, ever since we’ve crossed into the official deep south (Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas) the beer selection has been primarily Bud, Miller and Corona. Boy does Dennis miss his Hefeweizen!

Up on the hill was Basin Park Hotel where we decided to check in. The room was a suite and because it was Monday night she gave it to us for eighty five bucks. Even though the signs said it was haunted… it had a jacuzzi, so we took it!



  1. wow! you have Elvis’ twin brother riding with you. that’s lucky.
    xoxoxoxo mom

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