Posted by: JJ | April 28, 2008

Day 20 – From Wet to Dry…

Our last day in Memphis was cut short because of heavy rain however we didn’t miss what was to be the BEST breakfast yet. Peanut Butter and Banana Pancakes… Elvis Style!

See that bowl in the middle, that’s not gumbo I assure you. It’s the chunky PB syrup! YUMMM

After our KING SIZED meal we headed for the Rock n’ Soul Museum. It is a quick video and audio tour of the roots of Memphis’ roll in the birth of Rock and Roll and Soul Music. From the humble hymns of the cotton fields to Stax and Sun Records. It was fascinating to see and hear the legends as they were developing their sound… together! Al Green, Isaak Hayes, Carl Perkins, BB King, Elvis and many more. We couldn’t take any photos so you’ll have to visit it for yourselves. It was well worth it!!

Then as we were leaving the rain really started coming down so we decided to skip the other activities we had planned for the afternoon and just head for Arkansas.

Our first stop was Jonesboro AK, the birthplace of my Father (among others on the Jackson side of things). It’s a pretty sleepy town, not to mention we arrived on Sunday afternoon. We also realized it’s a DRY town. I don’t mean that the rain stopped… although it had by now. What I mean is that there is no intoxicating beverages sold here.

“The only thing people do in Jonesboro is GET BORN!” My Great Aunt May

About this time (around 5pm) we were getting hungry again so we headed downtown for Dinner.

The only place open was a sports bar? We went in and found out that we had to become Members to enter. By paying five bucks we were official member of the “private” club! Oh my, look at us now!

Actually, in a dry county such as this, if you want to drink you have to be a part of a club. As official members we each drank one beer which only cost a buck fifty. Still, as an official member I was let down that I didn’t get a card or even learn a secret hand shake. Bummer!

We retired early at a cute little B&B called West Washington Guest House. The morning will come quickly and we’re off to Eureka Springs through the Northwest Mountains of the Ozarks.




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