Posted by: JJ | April 24, 2008

Day 16 – Local Flavor, on the Side!

In the car and past Canal street we go… dup dee doo dee doo

As soon as you cross Canal street into the American Quarter or CBD, the architecture immediately changes. From whimsical, bohemian, two story buildings, embellished with elaborate trims, to hard-lined, sky scraping, monuments to capitalism. It’s like night and day crossing over Canal or Neutral Ground as the locals have know it for decades.

Further down we found Magazine Street where they boast six stupendous miles of shopping and chic cafes. Our first stop was for a light bite which turned into lunch at Juanita’s Cafe. Dennis got a BBQ sandwich that he claims was particularly good and the bonus; the BBQ sauce came on the side- for his dipping pleasure. I got nachos that came with cute little animal crackers on top. Yeah, weird?

We explored the Garden District from St. Charles, which is a beautiful tree lined street to 6th street and the Audubon Park.

A trip to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art was a must and worth the gander for it’s tribute to local, folk artists. Next door was the Confederate Museum but unfortunately it was closed for renovations. Actually this area around Lee Circle is chock full of Art Museums to explore.

By now it’s getting hot, actually it’s the first time we’ve felt real humidity yet. This event called for Ice Cream. We found the Creole Creamery and man was it the ticket! Dennis stuffed his face with a scoop of Praline and I fell in love with the local flavor Chicory Chocolate.

We also hit one of the Lafayette Cemeteries.

Later in the evening we when to the famous “Praline Connection” restaurant for dinner. Being the last night in N.O. we had to keep it traditional. I got the Jambalaya with Greens and Dennis got Stuffed Bell Peppers with SHRIMP! Wow… I was impressed. Looks like N.O. has wooed him just a bit after all!

Oh and by the way, he tried my Alligator the other day too.

To end the meal we had to have the traditional Bread Pudding… don’t worry we split it!

And what better way to end the day, as we have all week with a stroll through the streets of the Big Easy.

Crawfish, Crayfish, Crawdads, Mud bugs… whatever the salutation this was the one local flavor we skipped. Call us wimps if you must. Our excuse, they still have eyes!

Headed towards Memphis tomorrow with a stop some where along the way… Elvis, here we come!



  1. so glad you didn’t eat the crawfish. hahahaha
    hold on to your peanut butter and banana sandwiches. elvis just loved them.

  2. I just read something about Mardi Gras World in New Orleans – a famous tourist trap where you can see some of the old floats from past Marti Gras’s and also see them building new ones – try on costumes etc. I think you two already left though…

    Keep driving safe!

  3. Sorry we missed you guys in N.O.
    We didn’t make it out of Pensacola early enough to do lunch and still make the plane. Ya’ll have fun and we’ll talk to ya when you get back.

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