Posted by: JJ | April 19, 2008

Day 11 – Neon Lights and BBQ

Gotta later start today… tried to eat at the famous Kerby’s Cafe but they were closed. So we ended up at South Congress Grill and we’re glad we did… check out these meals! (sorry Jack, still no Pepperoni Pizza or chicken fingers)

Dennis had Carrot Cake French Toast with a Maple, Cream Cheese sauce. I had Migas (Mee-Guz)… both were fantastic! Best Breakfast yet.

With full bellies and feet still exhausted from our last few days of exploring… we jumped on the “Dillo”, short for Armadillo, it’s a free trolley that takes you all around town. We took in the sights from 6th street to Capital Hill and back down to the waters edge.

We also got to see Leslie “the Queen of Austin”. He is a cross-dressing transient that has local notoriety. We had no idea we were in such company until we walked into some comic book shop selling “Leslie” magnets! So I guess our trip to Texas’ Capital Hill is now complete…

Leslie Queen of Austin

Let me tell you, this town has about as much neon as Las Vegas. They’ve done a fabulous job of taking old gas stations and motels and converting them into restaurants and bars, while reusing the old neon signs for a nostalgic kicker. Beyond that, almost every business uses a very tasteful, colorful and fun neon sign of some kind. All the glitz of Vegas with the down homeyness of the south.

Another observation I’ve had is that these folks aren’t afraid of pulling up a food concession wagon into a parking lot and just selling whatever.. tacos, ice cream, t-shirts, cupcakes. Our kinda folks.. right Dad? : )

After a full day out on the town we decide to take a nice drive out to Salt Lick BBQ… highly recommended by foodies and our friend Jen as well. We ate… and boy did we. Dennis got the Beef Brisket and I had to get the House Specialty… the BBQ Pork Ribs. OMG… mighty tasty. I ate them with my fork and knife up until the last one… when at last, Dennis convinced me to “Just pick it up and eat it” and I did.

Needless to say my mostly meat free tummy was a little upset on the way home… but it was worth it. Next few BBQ stops I’ll just have to have ONE bite instead of the whole darn thing.

To round out our trip to Austin “Live Music Capital of the world” we can’t go without hearing some of it… so we’re headed out now.

Austin has been great… it’s a city with plenty of diversity, art, music, culture, spirit and good food. Cheers!

Best wishes to all of YOU this weekend too… thanks for hanging out with us via our blog and we look forward to more hellos!



  1. consuming all that food, wow ,do you have a scale in the car? hahahha i watched that movie fried green tomatoes the other day , how funny.

  2. Thanks for reminding us… we know this kinda eatin’ is gonna cause some gain but hey it didn’t stop the king!

    Really, it would be a sin not to try the regional foods. I believe it’s the best way to really experience an area.

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