Posted by: JJ | April 18, 2008

Day 10 – Consuming Austin Consuming Us

… or did Austin consume us? We sampled a lot of food today and explored the variety of cool vintage clothing and odd treasure shops that south Austin has to offer. After a day packed with over consumption, even a mid day nap didn’t provide us enough energy to stay out late…

We woke up early to find that Austin-folk didn’t do the same. Most places didn’t open until noon. So we stopped at Magnolia Cafe for a coffee and signature Magnolia “hot” brownie.

Then we hit this Vintage, Circus Themed Candy Shop called “Big Top” where we met the owner who gave us the theatrical “history” of the store. We couldn’t resist buying the Maple Bacon Lolly pop! Yuck or Yum? We haven’t decided yet.

Then off to more shops… the streets were lined with stores filled with new and used items that are uniquely Austin. Shops that had Texas, artist, designed clothing and art and also “junk” stores that boasted the unusual and odd!

We found a Cupcake Airstream … and sampled the “Michael Jackson” cupcake. Chocolate cake with Cream Cheese frosting. You had the option of making it a “whipper-snapper” where they would fill the inside with whip-cream.

After all this snacking we were finally hungry… so we stopped at Doc’s for lunch. I had a Stuffed Fried Avacado! Dennis found his beloved “Widmer Hefewiezen” and got a taco to go along with it.

“Have I told you how much I like this beer? I am now spoiled…I cannot bring myself to drink Coors or Budweiser again…sorry dudes…end of an era.” – Dennis

Then we napped…

Upon waking we found ourselves at dusk, when the legendary “Largest Urban Bat Colony” takes flight from right under the Congress St. Bridge. It’s a sight to see…

Dinner was at Threadgills. Our first real “Southern” food experience. Dennis had Bacon Wrapped Salisbury Steak with mac n’ cheese and sweet potato fries and I had Fried Green tomatoes and Cheesy Grits. And to top it off, a few Hefewiezen drafts.

And then, with the greatest intentions of heading to 6th and Red River streets to hear all the local music we stopped by the hotel to change and poof… we were out, exhausted, consumed.



  1. Poop! I wrote an e-mail hoping to catch y’all. If you dont’ fucking get a pancake at Kerby Lane I am going to seriously kick both your asses. The best pancake EVER. OH, it’s amazingly buttery sweet and all the variations? Ok, get drunk and go there. They are open till 2:00 am. If you don’t have a postcard as evidence or picture, we’ll never talk to you again. I have been there, seriously about 35, 40 times in my visits with my family there. ah…..the bacon. Dennis, read my e.
    ta ta! love ya and hook em horns. Tbag and Jiz

  2. Jen… don’t kill us… really we tried. If you can believe it they were closed for maintenance.

    You can see what type of food missions we’ve been on, you’ll have to forgive us. We hit Salt Lick BBQ if that counts for anything?

    Don’t worry though, we LOVED Austin and we will be back – Kerby’s will be on the agenda, again!

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