Posted by: JJ | April 17, 2008

Day 9 – If Venice smelled like Steak.

San Antonio to Austin, TX.

San Antonio:

You can tell from the moment you arrive in San Antonio that they have put a great deal of “heart” into their historic city. The old and new buildings are linked together by cobble stone bridges and a river canal that meanders through the city. To paint a visual picture… think Venice, Italy or “The Venetian” in Las Vegas, NV; equal parts romantic and contrived. Either way, the water taxis and live music that flank the Riverwalk make for a sweet, afternoon stroll… deep in the heart of Texas.

“Wow, this place actually smells like Steak!”
– Dennis’ reaction to downtown San Antonio

After you snap out of the blissful “Texas-Venice” cloud you’ve been riding (or smelling), you come to the realization that it’s a huge tourist attraction. Actually, it happens about the time you get hungry… The river is lined with chain restaurants like “Dicks Last Resort”, Hard Rock Cafe, Joe’s Crab shack… as well as Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Wax museums and novelty stores filled with Alamo shot glasses and stuffed armadillos. So, we made the most of it…

After playtime… we visited the Alamo which was right in the heart of town.

Then, we decided to hunt down this Pig Cafe that I read about. It had a giant, old, pink, pig that straddled the doorway and if you rub it’s belly and pull it’s piggy tail three times you’ll have 7 years of good luck. Actually, the last part isn’t true at all. Anyway, we walked about ten blocks in the hot sun to find out that not only doesn’t the pig have a tail but the Cafe was closed. Abandoned, shut-down for good… PIG DISAPPOINTMENT!

So we walked back to town and got an Ice Cream before hitting the road to Austin. Austin was pulling at us anyhow so we left for the capital city lickity-split.

Dinner was at Ruby’s BBQ in the upper side (24th street) of Austin, a place that truly reflects Austin’s character by boasting about it’s hormone free, grass fed Beef. We enjoyed our sandwiches that were served on butcher paper and cafeteria trays. No frills here, just good-ass BBQ! Whooo hoowweeee.


  1. Venice doesn’t smell like steak! you need a new nose. hahahaha
    and they just grow pigs bigger in texas. sorry it wouldn’t let you pig out. !!

    xoxoxo mom

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