Posted by: JJ | April 15, 2008

Day 6 / 7 – Outlaws, Indians and Aliens… oh My!

We left Truth or Consequences, NM headed for Carlsbad, NM, with a stop over in Lincoln. We hit Elephant Butte Lake and then the Valley of Fires and Roswell on our way.

Elephant Butte Lake; Part of the Rio Grande. But more importantly, Dennis and our red umbrella from Tobi’s Wedding. I like to call this one “R, G, Bebe”

As if that’s not hot enough for ya’ll…

We stopped at the Valley of Fires. This lava flow didn’t come from a volcano but a fissure in the earth’s crust. Yeah, like a spewing open wound, it gushed out like a river of blood, and when the fire slowed to a cool, the swells and drifts froze in time.

The flow is around 2-5 miles wide and 55 miles long and estimated at about 5,000 years old

We broke our drive up by stopping over night in Lincoln, NM. We stayed at the Wortley Hotel under the hospitality of Cathy and Victor Garrison. It was a unique experience and meeting Beverly (an 82 yr old Ranger) who gave us some one-of-a-kind details about the town. She was the highlight of my afternoon.

Trivia: An infamous “bandit” made history in this town along with the famous namesake war. Do you know who this Bandit was? We stayed in a historical hotel as well, owned by Sheriff Pat Garret during the war… (go on google it!) Leave us your guesses, insight and beliefs about this great American story below.

Our room at the Wortley Hotel ($85/night including a full breakfast):

Our dinner this night was one of the most expensive too… everything in town was closed by 3 so we went to the local convenient store and bought beer, wine, cheese, chocolate, nuts and a lottery ticket. Grand total: $36… (see flickr photo gallery for food pic)

The next day we explored Lincoln more and then headed to Carlsbad via Roswell. (There are some flickr photos worth looking at from Lincoln for those of you interested in the history)

In Roswell we didn’t see much worth stopping for (a.k.a. No Aliens or space ships) however the Art Museum has received recognition for it’s Artists in Residence Program, so we stopped… and we’re glad we did! We saw Artist David Politzer’s Rio Macho and Hanging baggage exhibit. Prime for heading into cowboy country…

We got to Carlsbad in no time and checked into our hotel. Not much to boast about here but the neighboring diner called “No Whiner Diner” and on the other side a Drive-In Movie. Yup, we went to the Drive-in. Oh My!



  1. We’re Leaving for Florida in the morning and you two aren’t even half way across the country yet! You better step on the gas damnit!

  2. We know, we’re gonna put the pedal to the metal on Wednesday and get over to Austin, TX. Then we won’t be far from you. We’re aiming for New Orleans by the 20th… move a long little doggie, move a long.

  3. You know girlfriend, to watch out for the Neopolean Rule ! the French Rule, they play by their own rules in Louisianna. the jails have no keys. when you get there say hi to andrew jackson for me. he is in your family tree.on Bob’s side. Visit the French Quarter too.
    xoxoxoxo mom

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