Posted by: JJ | April 13, 2008

Day 5 – Gold in these here Mountains.

Before leaving Bisbee, we ate at Dots Diner one more time. I had Huevos Rancheros with Green Chili (that’s w/o meat) and Dennis had the French Toast. Then we took a walk through the neighboring graveyard.

For anyone wondering about costs and such, we have been pleasantly surprised how inexpensive our meals have been. For instance the French toast this morning was only 3.95 and most of our meal tickets have been under twenty bucks, including tip. A decent night stay has been under a hundred bucks, some around 70 bucks and gas has been averaging under 3.30 per gallon. No too bad!

Oh, and we didn’t figure in tickets and such, lucky for us, because the nice cop in Lordsburg, NM was nice enough to let Dennis’ speeding offense go with only a warning. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, these folks are really nice here… and I mean it.

We traveled up the 80 to Silver City, NM; a city that had been home to Billy the Kid and yet another “emerging art scene”. It’s funny how these tiny, secluded, mining towns that have been dilapidating for years are now being painted between old banks and historical hotels; pink, yellow and lime green… block after block. Yet another ambitious group of American entrepreneurs relishing in the treasures and opportunities of the desert!

Leaving Silver City, some kid told us that the highway we were taking was “the Most Dangerous Highway in the US” … GREAT?! This is nice to know as we head out on the only stretch of road between us and our destination.

It was a great ride, up the Black Range mountains, weaving through the switch back roads and over and around the giant pines and red rocks. We hit the bottom of the mountain at sunset, it was perfect timing.

As we approached our next destination we were reading about the town, turns out that it sits right up on one of the largest natural springs in the US. Cool, lucky us. We booked a room at the Pelican Inn and Spa. Perfect way to end our long day of driving… soaking in a natural hot spring. Aaahhhh….

Oh did I mention that it only cost 60 bucks to stay here? Yeah!



  1. Isn’t Silver City the finish line for the movie Rat Race?? The building looks the same anyways!

    The trailer park sounded cool and all the food sounds fantastic!!!

  2. Your Mom says you’re now headed for Carlesbad and the caverns. If you have the time, Roswell is a fun stop. You’ll remember when the Aliens arrived. Funny looking people still roaming the streets and UFOs screaming by.

    Cheers, aye

    Charlie Lopez

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