Posted by: dvieira | April 12, 2008

Only Skater for Miles

What to do when you are the only skater for miles? Hunt down potential skate spots I guess…Found a few spots with some potential, but either the ground was super rough or the ledges barely budged. There was no sign of any wax, slides or grinds on any ledge or rail in this town. I christened this town with my trusty sidekick behind the lens.

FS Noseslide

Fakie Nosegrind

360 Flip



  1. How envious we are of you both! You are having the classic adventure, hopefully no longer having a lingering aroma of petrol! The grub looks great and it sounds like the characters you are encountering are just wonderful.

    Have a safe driving to your next destinaton today and take care! Jen and T-bag.

  2. Hey Jen! We are having a blast! The smell of gas is finally leaving me…Hope all is well!


  3. good ol’ fashion Viera-Tre-Flip!
    I miss skating with you at Human. Man those were the days… Skate at lunch… skate after work… and not gettin paid…

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