Posted by: dvieira | April 11, 2008

Does someone smell gas? Dennis!!!

Tuscon to Biosphere 2 and down to Tombstone and Bisbee

The Biosphere 2:

North of Tucson off the 77 lives the Biosphere 2. Why is it called Biosphere 2? Because Biosphere 1 is our Planet Earth. Yep, those wacky scientists have created a miniature Earth environment in the only air tight building in the world. There are 5 types of environments. Grasslands, marshlands, tropical rain forests, oceans, and deserts. All controlled by machines. The air, wind, weather, temperature is all controlled for experimentation purposes. Pretty cool stuff.

We did an hour tour through all the environments and it was like being in 5 different part of the world in one hour. Crazy…People actually lived in there for 2 years. But had to leave due to carbon dioxide levels getting too high. But they are working on setting up a controlled environment that humans can live in in case “the shit hits the fan”.

Gas Station Incident:

Here is a recount of how i reeked of gasoline for the better part of a day…..

Where the 83 meets the 82 we stopped at a Shell gas station to top off the tank, not sure when we’ll see another station. So I go about my normal business of pumping gas just like I always do. Adjusted the lever for the auto shut off and went to wash the windows that were plastered with all types of bugs.

As I was washing the front windshield, i heard an odd gushing sound. I looked over towards the trunk and saw clear liquid gushing over the trunk. At first I was like WTF? Then it hit me….oh shit it’s GAS!

So I ran towards the back of the trunk and immediately slipped in the slippery gas that was already all over the ground. I fell on my hands and knees and gas splashed up into my face. I looked up and saw gas gushing out of the gas tank and jumped up and grabbed the nozzle and tripped the shut off trigger. No more gushing gas…whew…one spark and that would have been the end of our trip! Actually it would have been the end of everything!

All this action was happening while Jeanette was just chilling in the car….so I run up and yell “get out of the car”! She looked at me puzzled and I tried to explain as fast as I could and she got out. I told her to move as far away from the car as she can get while I go into the Shell and let them know what had happened.

The lady in the gas station was clueless. She had no idea what to do? You would think that the workers who get hired to work at such a volatile place would have sufficient training if something were to go wrong… WRONG! Nope, just hire a bunch of idiots for minimum wage and yer good!

Anyway, idiot gets on the phone to call the owner, I’m soaked in gas, brand new shoes too….pissed! Threw out my jeans as well. I loved those jeans, and when you are oddly shaped like me with a big waist and short legs… good fitting jeans are hard to come by!

So we go and put the car in neutral and push it out of the pumping area with the help of a few Wild Hogs, I mean biker dudes. Not too sure about starting the car up when the gas tank is overflowed and sitting in a puddle of gas….

I go and try to wash up in the bathroom and change my clothes. The cheap ass soap doesn’t even come close to masking the gas. Jeanette got me some ice for my knee which was starting to swell up a little. So we go back to the car and call the one person we know who knows all sorts of things about gas, Bob Jackson. He’s worked with gas a whole bunch…I’ve even seen him syphon gas out of a diesel truck tank with only a hose and his MOUTH. Another gas accident we incurred, but that’s another story…

Basically he said the gas will evaporate and it’s the fumes that ignite, not the liquid itself. Oh, and the gas will eat the paint off the car if we don’t wash it soon. Of course we are in BFE and there is no car wash for miles…so we used the next best thing… the windshield washer squeegees!

So we decide to get back on the road, Tombstone was another 30 or so miles on a long stretch of 2 lane highway. I had to keep the window down because of the smell of the gas. It was so bad, that while eating our snack of root beer and onion rings at “Big Nose Kates” saloon in Tombstone, the waitress was asking around if anyone smelled gas? I had to fess up…

The Shady Dell:

We are posted up for the night at the Shady Dell in Bisbee AZ, just a few miles north of the border with Mexico. The Shady Dell is made up of a bunch of motor homes from the 1950’s fixed up on the inside. Some of them don’t have bathrooms or showers! I made sure we got one with both!



  1. OH DENNY!! I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOUR NEW SHOES AND JEANS. thats not funny. so glad your both ok. wo,
    sure glad neither one of you smoke.
    gas stations and road rules are different in other states too. be careful & don’t spit on the sidewalk !
    xoxox mom

  2. That Biosphere 2 thing reminds me of an episode of Johnny Bravo I watched way back in the day…

    And wow, that really sucks. It’s great knowing that gas stations will hire people with about the same intelligence as someone qualified for McDonald’s. -.-

  3. I’ll have you know that a few showers and a mineral bath later, the gas smell is pretty much gone…well, except for the natural kind!


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