Posted by: JJ | April 11, 2008

Day 3 – Disneyland in Arizona?

Tuscon to Biosphere 2 and down to Tombstone and Bisbee.

Breakfast at Hotel Congress “Cup Cafe”. We both had the “Mole in the Hole”.
side note: the floors are tiled in pennies!


Biosphere 2:
An achievement in Plant science, okay. But I couldn’t help but to feel like I just been closed into the old submarine ride at Disneyland (pre-nemo reconstruction), it had that funky, closed up for too long, musty smell.  Then the decor (20 years old now) was a bit dated – already. In Disney terms, it was a over-grown mix of captain eo and the safari boat ride. Did I mention that smell?

From Tomorrow land to Frontier Land we headed to Tombstone. It was cool, we arrived too late to see the reenactments of the old west Ok Corral shoot out, however we did see the town and eat in an old saloon.

After Tombstone, we headed directly for Bisbee which was a complete surprise. A gem, a hidden oasis in the desert. It’s off the beaten path and very worth the drive. We’ll tell you more as in the next post, as we’re staying another night here. See the photos in flicker for our first glimpse at the trailer park we’re staying in; The Shady Dell.



  1. Wow. The Shady Dell looks fantastic. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this place.

    Your trip looks and sounds like a lot of fun. It’s making me super jealous as I read it during my current 18 hour workdays.

  2. Yeah man…so much fun! We are heading for your home state this week…any tips?


  3. […] restaurants, shops, art galleries, caves and natural hot springs. It reminds us of our Day 3 and Day 4, when we came across Bisbee […]

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