Posted by: JJ | April 9, 2008

Day 1: May the words of Zoltar be our guide.

“If you lose a day you lose life itself.”

-Master Zoltar (the gypsy in the box to whom I gave my dollar)

The drive was stunning and vast. The eternal rock splattered mountains, built like skyscrapers in the high dessert guided us around and then down to “below sea level”, the vast ground floor of the dessert.

The sand took the form of ocean waves, slowly stretching and trickling forward then tumbling beneath the next. The dessert floor was breathing, in… out…. and when we got out to experience it for ourselves, our open mouths savored the sand first hand, right between the teeth!

These are the dunes of Tatooine… or for those of you who follow modern maps; the Imperial Sand Dunes.

Upon entering Yuma, we had less than stellar expectations and I guess that makes for the most pleasant surprises.

We enjoyed our meal at the Lutes Casino on Main Street, it’s a pool and domino hall that has been there since the 1920’s. Dennis had the Tri-Tip Sandwich and I tried the recommended Philly Cheese Chicken Sandwich. After dinner, Dennis kicked my butt at Foosball.

Steak Sandwich and Philly Chicken Sandwich

We made the most of what will surely be the hardest day on the road, as the I-8 from San Diego through Yuma to Tuscon wasn’t one of our most anticipated routes.


  1. hi jj and denny
    wow, how exciting for you both. sounds like you are having a great trip so far. stay away from the rattle snakes and lizards. they bit. denny , did you take your skateboard to skate in the dunes?
    love mom

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