Posted by: JJ | March 24, 2008

We’d love to have you.

Welcome Friends and Family to the home page for our little Southern Road Trip Blog; Grits, Gravy & Graceland.  We START our Trip on: TUESDAY, APRIL 8th


  • TRAVEL WITH US: Yes, you can log on anytime to see where we’re at! Or heck, just sign up now for our EMAIL UPDATE and don’t miss a beat. We would love to have you along for the ride.
  • SEE WHAT WE SEE: We got us a Flickr account so you can preview all of our Snap shots on the right under “Trip Photos”.
  • GET PERSONAL: Our journal entries, which will include funky foods, silly local encounters, outlandish stories, sights, sounds and just whatever we want…
  • MAP OUR ROUTE: Check it out, see where we plan on going and check back to see where we’ve been. Upper Left Tab that says “Map”.
  • SOME HISTORY: A little reason why we chose the south and some history I guess you could say. Upper Left Tab that says “Why the South?”.
  • KEEP IN TOUCH: We hope you’ll say hello by scrolling down to the bottom of any post, and typing us a message under the “Leave a Response” section.



  1. Have a safe and fun trip

  2. What fun! You should have a pro eater like me with you

  3. What do you mean Joe? Most of my love for eating has been inspired by YOU, so you WILL be with us.. in spirit for sure.

  4. Hear you’re going to / thru Yuma. Not much to see other than the Territorial prison from days of yore. Really makes you want to remain one of the good guys. Gotta see it, but don’t plan on an overnight!

  5. Be sure and check road conditions thru west texas. I think it is I-10 that is so rough that it will beat your car to pieces. The southern route might be better. AAA should be able to tell you. I have some thoughts about N’Orlons as you gett closer.
    Cheers, aye.

  6. Thanks Mr. Lopez!
    I just looked up I-10 and it’s even CLOSED due to construction…. we’ll be avoiding that one for sure, thanks for the tip.

    As for Yuma, we’ll only stay over if we don’t feel like making the haul all the way to Tuscon. We’ll try to stay out of trouble! ; )

  7. jj keep your eyes pealed to the side of the road for TJMAX, i ‘ll bet texas has the BIGGEST ONE.
    HAHA xoxoxo

  8. you guys look right at home in that trailer. are you gonna pull one around the country. how fun

  9. hey there u crazy cats! looks like you 2 are turning into vagabonds. it’s good to see dennis hasen’t killed anyone due to road rage. let him skate a little and he’ll be fine. i see you went to tuscon… cool little town. did u notice any white hippies w/ dreadlocks? thats were Emma got her style. no kidding, she actually went to school there. good luck w/ your trip, i’ll be in phoenix on friday for matt a’s wedding-

  10. This blog makes me hungry!

    The gravy of the Southwest comes in either green or red, from breakfast to dinner you can get just about any regular item with this Southwest chili sauce. I loved the Green, a truly unique item of the Southwest!

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