Why the South?

Well, I reckon it’s because I (Jeanette) have some Southern roots and sooner or later that gravy slathered, deep fried, BBQ’ed, Blue Plate Special with a side of cheesy Grits and collared Greens was going to beg for my attention!

Honestly, we WERE planning yet another Europe trip when… I got this crazy idea to take a US road trip instead – like a divine light from the heavens. There’s bound to be some interesting sights and good eatin’ in the States as well, right? Not to mention, we’re doing our part to give back to this lagging economy by taking our 2008 Bush tax bonus and spreading it all around the south!

I guess we’re not total strangers to our own home land but sometimes we feel like it, so we’re settin’ out to see for ourselves what it means to be American, or at least eat like one! I know Dennis is looking forward to the pulled Pork and bacon wrapped everythings and I have my heart set on the sweet tea, home made pies and mint juleps!

We also chose the South because it’s April, quite frankly a really nice time to visit, I do declare. If it had been August, we’d be headed up North. Maybe the next time?

For now, we feel them a callin’… Grits, Gravy and Graceland; Elvis, heart failure, happiness here we come!

I hope you all can join us, if even only from your chairs, on this exciting journey into the southland of our country.

—> START Reading from Day 1 of our Trip. Or if you’re just browsing, see our ROUND UP page for the highlights.

We just love ya’ll,

Dennis and Jeanette

Please post comments for us. Let us know if you’ve been to one of our destinations, if you have any good tips on eateries, sights or whatever? If we can make it, we will… and of course, we’ll report back!


  1. jj
    that is so cute and funny. where did you get your creativity.?? not from me. very good girlfriend. xoxo mommy

  2. Sounds like you’re going to have a blasty-blast. But uh. If you had gone to Europe, would you have gone to Germany? ­čśÇ I’m obsessed with it right now.

  3. Germany is AWESOME. We’ve been there and would love to go back, the beer is so good you don’t get hang-overs and the people are super friendly. Biggest downfall; tons of wieners everywhere on every menu. Eeek.

  4. Haha. Coincidentally, yesterday I found the postcard you guys sent from Germany. I’m so jealous.

  5. Have fun you two, as I’m sure you will. Never been to the South so I can’t recommned anything, I wonder if Zagat even has a Southern dinners edition.

  6. Lucky Bastards!
    It doesn’t look like you will be according to the map, but emember, Me and the Blond One will be in Pensacola April 15-22 so if you find yourself down that way give us a holler:)

  7. You all have the enviable opportunity to go to a Waffle House on every exit. Man do I miss that. This is gonna be a fun trip (vicariously) through you guys. I’m stoked to be along for the cyber ride!

  8. you guys are just too cool. Not that i have anything against Waffle House; are you doing Route 66 thing? When i drove out to CA, I only ate at places in here:


  9. Well y’all are gonna have some fun in Elvisville. Wonder how many deep fried twinkie huts you’ll be passing on your way to Memphis? MMMM…Fried chicken and Waffle houses. Can you pop some hushpuppies in the USPS? Thanks! Jen and T-bag. XOXOXOXO

  10. We might hit Route 66 on our way home… not sure yet? I do want to stop at that place in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure where he has to do dishes to pay for his meal… then he makes eyes with the waitress in the giant dinosaur… is that on Route 66? I Hope so!

    We’ve been looking at:
    http://www.roadfood.com http://www.chowhound.com

  11. I have been to Memphis, probably about half a dozen time for work. My favorite ribs are Blue City Cafe on the corner of Beale and 2nd. The Texas De Brasil Restaurant is super yummy!!! That is located at the Peabody Place Mall. At the Peabody Hotel, you can see the duck walk – where they walk the ducks from the roof to the foundtain in the center of the hotel lobby and in the evening they walk the ducks back to the roof. It’s pretty cute, trained ducks walking to an elavator!
    I can’t remember what the place is called, but it’s on Beale street down by the Hard Rock and it’s a bar that has all slushie drinks (margarita types).

    Hope you have a great time!! Can’t wait to check back and see how the trip is going!!

  12. Wow… thanks for the advise in Memphis… I didn’t know you were such a regular Kristen!! ; ) Glad to have you along!

  13. Cool stuff so far! Keep the pictures commin’ and doin’t for get to pick up all of the slang words!
    Drive safetly and be on the look out for Bubbas.

  14. Thanks everyone for following along… I hope you’re able to savor a bit of our experience for yourself.

    We have about 70 or more visitors a day… so we actually don’t want to fall short of all ya’lls expectations! ; )

    Keep comin’ and keep commenting… we get excited to hear from you!

  15. Hey guys!
    Awesome to hear your out traveling! Sounds like an great theme for a RoadTrip!! Also I never knew about how all this blog journal stuff works, it pretty sic! A whole scrapbook/picture/food/gas journal all right hear and we can vicariously road trip too, by following up on your journey. Well I’ll check in again to check it out and say Hi!. May many great adventures find you on the trip, have a great time, be safe, no waterfalls, (lol).
    ~Love Sarah

  16. I sent you guys a list for Houston!!
    Fried Green Tomats Rule.

  17. Hey Everyone…
    THANKS for all the tips so far!

    We’ve been in good hands and having a blast along the way. Slight food coma but hey eatin’ is MORE than half the experience!! ; )

  18. Good for you! Sorry we weren’t tracking the whole trip, the school work has been intense. Only 3 more weeks left until graduation. I hoped you saved some vacation time so we can take a trip to Europe. I was able to escape for a weekend and we pulled this 23′ toy hauler to Lake Cahuilla for the Stagecoach music festival. I’m not up for much of the music but there was plenty to look at!

    Let’s get together to recap your trip!

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